Things fall apart...
My paintings – organic creations with their own biological life; they bloat, crack and crumble. Wood, coals and ash feel warm to the touch. Plaster congeals and warms up. Can we retain warmth in a plaster painting? My works are perishable items. They will change their form under the impact of time and the progress of decay will create ever new meanings. All of my biological forms are part of nature and exist within it for real; they are like shed epidermis. They refer to the mutability of the world. Black pond white pond, inspired by an actual pond dried up with line and the change after the drainage of water, became an idea and reflection on painting. The paintings created are not classical ones but rather a space of action, an open form. Charred, scraped and rubbed, they are a kind of material not only literally; they are a process, an action.
Fire transforms space, which becomes organic and symbolic, has something of a rapture. It creates shapes and leaves a trace reminiscent of the past. The painting refers to the past. The past returns within it and thus the work is no longer static.
My work follows Jerzy Ludwiński’s statement: a painting is an event in time and space. Its ultimate form is but a brief moment in the entire process and the very next moment it is no longer. Can we capture the moment of a painting being transformed? There is a limit in the cycle of nature behind which everything dissipates and at the same time makes up a new form. The limit, the boundary itself is shifting, it is in constant motion. In order to retain it, one must experience its either side, i.e. to constantly cross it.
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