I make use of materials connected with time to depict its various perspectives. Plaster swathes and bandages just like a photograph reflects space and time. Traces, reflections, scratches, cracks, and dents as a testimony to action and memory. Moreover, they are a kind of sensual experience of space. Plaster conceals in order to reveal what it encloses within. Impressions are close to reality; they do not imitate it and are simultaneously a kind of “rupture” and merger of two spaces: of the impressed and the impressing. They refer to touch, through which I would like to capture and get to know reality. I use plaster to bring out its direct nature. It is a kind of skin or scales. It is not only a transition material used “to do” something. For me transition is a value. It reveals a process. Gesture is important for me. The cracking and ripping open of shells, the pouring in; it demonstrates both the interior and what is outside.
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