I construct my work by referring to the idea of place. Perhaps art forms are “black holes” in that they absorb existence, thoughts and attention. Images create other images, a new dimension. Each work, drawing, image and object both projects and creates a place. They affect the space around them, changing it and making a dent, a rift. A painting is not a fragment on a wall; it is an organism of space which in time changes it physically and figuratively. It evokes the past and becomes a crust of memory.
Timelessness [black pond] – a metaphor of a secret pond, drained up and then re-filled with water. When it revealed and then once more concealed its bottom, a place was created where two worlds are in contact and flow into each other. A point of which marks no boundary – everywhere, a place of “stagnation” abiding by its own rights. Time here is no linear; things and events may be perennially repeated, with different endings at that. An unwritten space that lives a life of its own. A place of “no-time”.
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